performance of two graphite electrode qualities in edm

Graphite vs. Copper Electrode Material for EDM

If you've been torn in the long-standing, unresolved debate over whether graphite or copper is a better EDM electrode material, here are some considerations identifying differences in cost, detail and performance to help you select the appropriate material for EDM

On Geometrical Characteristics of WC

Effective sinking EDM electrode materials for removal of WC-Co are copper-tungsten alloys (CuW), since their thermo-physical properties such as melting point, electrical and thermal conductivities, thermal resistivity are better than those presented on common4.


impregnanted graphite electrode with diameter of 8 mm. The main purpose of this study was to investigate the influenced of various parameters involved in EDM on the machining characteristics, namely, material removal rate (MRR), electrode wear ratio (EWR

A Study of Tool Electrode Materials and Flushing Techniques in micro EDM

performance of graphite as tool electrode material. The MRR achieved using graphite is about 30 to 40 times more than that of the other two materials (tungsten and stainless steel). The reason for this outstanding performance of graphite can be understood by


The properties of these two materials are shown in Table 1. In order to investigate the influence of shape configuration of the electrode on the EDM performance, electrodes were made with circular, square, triangular, and diamond shape as shown in Figure 1. The

EDM graphite: a complete range of graphite and services Increase your productivity, optimize your costs and time

blocks. EDM graphite is made only by isostatic presses, re-sulting in large, homogeneous and isotropic semi-finished graphite blocks, which are then baked. The final step is gra-phitization to transform carbon into crystalline graphite. In electrode projection, a big

Five reasons to use graphite EDM electrodes –

A highly detailed EDM electrode however with critical features, extreme tolerance and stringent EDM requirements would entail a more premium graphite electrode to fit the needs of this application. On the other hand, the types of copper available on the market are few and minimize the ability to match the material characteristics to the EDM application, thus limiting optimum performance.

Performance of two graphite electrode qualities in EDM of

2004/6/10Performance in respect to MRR and electrode wear is compared for two graphite qualities. Correct electrode material is important for productivity and profitability of the manufacturing. Poco AF5 and Poco EDM3 were tested in a 2 3 factorial test. Two levels of

EDM Graphite Electrodes Manufacturers

EDM Graphite Electrodes are designed with a wide range of material varieties for optimum electrode material properties to the EDM application. The highly detailed EDM electrode has critical features, extreme tolerance, and stringent EDM requirements that make it a more advanced graphite electrode to meet your application demands.

Machinability Performance of Powder Mixed Dielectric in Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) of Inconel 718 With Copper Electrode

regarding powder suspended dielectric in EDM machining. Based on analysis done by Kumar et al., (2010) on the study of potential of graphite powder in AEDM of Nickel Based Super alloy 718 with the three type powder concentration which is 0, 6, and

How to EDM Steel and Copper Alloy Simultaneously

per-impregnated graphite electrode requires looking at how each material will handle the conditions of both electrode detail machining and the EDM process. For example, electrode size, detail, and fabrication time, cost, and performance during the EDM process,

Poco: EDM Technical Manual

GRAPHITE VS. COPPER Test Case The parameters of these tests were to EDM identi-cal electrode details to a depth of 1" using two electrodes (1 rough and 1 finish) and then deter-mine if additional electrodes were required to com-plete the job. For these tests

e a t e s DOI: l o a f Engien Journal of Material Sciences

2. Aas KL (2004) Performance of two graphite electrode qualities in EDM of seal slots in a jet engine turbine vane. J Mater Process Technol 149: 152-156. 3. Singh S, Maheshwari S, Pandey PC (2004) Some investigations into the electric discharge

Standard For Selection Of EDM Graphite Electrodes

Because of the graphite's layered structure, it has very advantageous cutting performance in the cutting process, the cutting force is only about 1/3 of the copper material, the machined surface is easy to be treated.EDM Graphite Electrodes

Study of Graphite Tool Wear in EDM with Water

2020/1/1Two kinds of electrode materials are studied in this research, including ISO-63 graphite and impregnated graphite. ISO-63 graphite is widely used in EDM as electrode material. Impregnated graphite is a kind of material widely used in electrolysis industries.

Poco: EDM Technical Manual

GRAPHITE VS. COPPER Test Case The parameters of these tests were to EDM identi-cal electrode details to a depth of 1" using two electrodes (1 rough and 1 finish) and then deter-mine if additional electrodes were required to com-plete the job. For these tests

EDM machinability and surface roughness analysis of

2015/10/6Nowadays, graphite is one of the most popular electrode materials in electrical discharge machining (EDM) processes due to the high rate of removal material which reduces machining times. This reduction has a direct impact on the cost of manufacturing the parts. In this research, the influence of EDM parameters and graphite electrode in an INCONEL 600 alloy has been studied for both positive


performance of graphite electrodes in die sinking EDM. They revealed that the discharge current is the main influence on the material removal rate and the discharge duration is mainly influenced by tool wear. Nipanikar (2012)reported the cutting of D3

Machining of Inconel 718 Alloy using EDM

Kristen L.A.,Performance of two graphite electrode qualitied in EDM of seal slots in a jet engine turbine vane, Journal of Materials Processing Technology, Vol. 149, pp. 152-156, 2004. Hewidy M.S., El-Taweel T.A., El-Safty M.F.,Modelling the machining parameters of wire electrical discharge machining of Inconel 601 using RSM, Journal of Material Processing Technology, Vol. 169, pp. 328-336, 2005.

EDM Die Sinking of Tool Steel: Performance Evaluation of Electrode

., 6 A–12 A,, copper–tungsten electrode shows better performance for SR compared to the other two materials. The copper electrode has produced the poorest surface quality, while the graphite falls in between of them. It is attributed to the fact that the high

Analysis of MRR of Tool Steel Material on EDM for different Electrode

polarity graphite electrode has the most MRR 11% both powder electrodes give the better MRR and EWR more than solid electrode increased current have influence to increasing of MRR. [5] Fig. 4: Electrode wear rate of electrode material at two

EDM Effect on Surface Integrity

to be consistent on all cavities. When using a graphite electrode material, strict caution should be taken to ensure consistent quality for all electrodes. Because graphite grades from different manufacturers will wear differently, it is possible that the EDM machine

Performance of ZrB –Cu composite as an EDM electrode

Journal of Materials Processing Technology 183 (2007) 122–126 Performance of ZrB 2–Cu composite as an EDM electrode A.K. Khanraa,∗, B.R. Sarkarb, B. Bhattacharyab, L.C. Pathakc, M.M. Godkhindia a Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, IIT Kharagpur, Kharagpur 721302, India

Best Graphite Machining Product Suppliers

In terms of performance, these are the advantages and disadvantages of Graphite over Copper as an EDM electrode material: Metal Removal Rates Due to the two substances' thermophysical properties and the method through which EDM works, graphite-based electrodes produce the metal cutting spark at much lower temperatures than copper.

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